About Us


Who We Are

Midwest Center for Cultural Competence, LLC began its first efforts toward providing education, training, and consultation on issues of cultural diversity and cultural competence in January 2003. The team worked together for over ten years! We provide education, training, and consultation to various organizations, including corporations, healthcare agencies, human service agencies, not-for-profits, and other groups throughout the United States who are interested in becoming more culturally competent. 


What We Do

Cultural competence is fundamental to providing quality services that promote individual and family strengths, dignity, and self-reliance. It broadens and enriches the delivery of all services by providing a holistic, relevant view of the world and the helping process (MHCDC, 1994). Midwest Center for Cultural Competence, LLC offers consultation, training, and education to the community at large with the goal of helping to create a culturally competent multicultural community. We are dedicated to improving the lives of people across all dimensions of diversity by continuing to work at transitioning from destructive responses to cultural differences- through steadfast examination of our beliefs, values, and behavior, and making appropriate and timely adjustments-to responses to cultural difference that are proficient.


Why We do What We Do

In our efforts to become more culturally competent individuals, we are continuously learning valuable lessons about organizations, systems, and ourselves. We look forward to sharing this knowledge and insight with other individuals and agencies to promote what we think are important values and believes, as well as to further our own growth and development.