Organizational Cultural Competence:

Moving Your Organization Toward Becoming Culturally Competent

Creating an Organizational Environment

  • Create inclusive environments for diversity
  • Identify current level of cultural competence in the organization
  • Develop and implement a vision statement and strategic plan to support cultural competence
  • Employ and incorporate cultural consultants 
  • Enlist support for organizational cultural change from employees at all levels of the organization 
  • Create structures that support organizational change
  • Update organizational policies to reflect the move to increased cultural competence 


Providing Staff and Team Development

  • Review existing personnel policies
  • Establish effective cultural diversity recruitment and retention policies and programs
  • Connect individual and team rewards to behaviors that value and demonstrate cultural competence 
  • Develop a culturally diverse and competent supervision/management capability 
  • Support the development of administrative and front-line staff performance metrics related to cultural competence
  • Enhance the performance review process to recognize cultural competence and opportunities for growth
  • Coach supervisors, managers, and staff in addressing culturally complex interactions in a highly effective manner


Culturally Competent Service Delivery

  • Integrate concepts of cultural competence into practice standards of the organization 
  • Provide cultural competence training and education based on cutting-edge research and practical know-how
  • Develop cultural competence coaching and tutoring initiatives to enhance individual and team effectiveness 
  • Ensure that service delivery practices and documentation are culturally competent


Enhancing Community Partnerships

  • Establish partnerships with community leadership to address community needs
  • Take a proactive position on community issues of difference and the advancement of cultural competence with the community 
  • Develop a balanced, diverse, and culturally competent board and management team
  • Become viewed by the community as a leader in the advancement of cultural competence